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Laughter Yoga and Seniors


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Laughter Yoga for Seniors
Francine Shore Laughter Teacher

Life becomes challenging as an older adult. We face losses and age related illnesses. This can lead to depression and isolation. Using Laughter Yoga, we can learn to integrate a laughter lifestyle into our own daily life...while applying  humor and Laughter Yoga’s gentle cardio-vascular health perks.

Ten years ago,Francine Shore founded NYC's first weekly Laughter Yoga Club for seniors in the USA. (She  presented Laughter Yoga at the ASA Conference of Aging in Washington D.C.) Laughter Yoga can help keep us mentally and physically alert, while reaping the myriad of other health related benefits. Laughter Yoga also moves beyond an exercise regime and can offer us a more positive outlook or new lease on life.

Let Francine spice up your next event or milestone celebration: birthdays, anniversaries, births/rebirths, retirement, and  job changes.

Francine recently interviewed Jean Carroll, a 96 year old woman , who was the first female stand up comedian.  When she asked Jean what her goals and aspirations were at 96...she exclaimed, “To be 97!”

And that about sums it up!

Francine is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Coach with training from Dr. Madan Kataria, and has spearheaded World Laughter Day NYC as Event Director. For information about your next Laughter Yoga Stress Reduction Workshop or to spice up your next event or soiree please contact:

      francine shore               telephone: 917.620.7045                 email:

A Laughter Lifestyle for Older Adults…

or 90 is the new 80!

Laugher and Seniors
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