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World Laughter Day NYC


laughter yoga salon NYC

laughter yoga NYC

The Laughter Yoga Salon NYC™ is promoting

a concept that we are passionate about...

this city needs to laugh!



Our mission for World Laughter Day is world peace through laughter. This is not a political event, our event is celebratory and playful. We hope to bring some levity to NYC while uniting  people through the power of laughter!


Dr. Madan Kataria , an internist in Mumbai, India is the founder of Laughter Yoga and World Laughter Day which is celebrated each year,all over the world on the first Sunday in May.


World Laughter Day, NYC is part of World Laughter Day and in previous years, similar World Laughter Day events in India and Copenhagen drew crowds in the thousands of people. Currently, there are 10,000 laughter clubs located all over the world, including Europe, Asia, India, The United States, Australia and Canada.


For World Laughter Day we are looking to align ourselves with companies that share our vision and understand the importance of laughter in one’s life. This sponsorship opportunity has enormous appeal and will allow your company to increase awareness and promote your brand, whereby aligning itself with a positive and innovative event.

World Laughter Day is born in the tradition of other grass-roots events, such as Earth Day and World Aids Day. We believe the first Sunday in May, World Laughter Day, will be marked as a big event for future years to come.


Our World Laughter Day event  is innovative and great fun. It is meant to promote health, peace and understanding through Laughter Yoga--a  blend of simulated laughter exercises, intermittent  deep breathing, and mild stretching, all performed while standing up.


Join our NYC Community of Laughter Leaders and celebrate World Laughter Day 2013 in Riverside Park/79th Street. From 1-3pm.

Laughter Yoga, Musical Performance, Face Painting, Dance and oodles of JOY! Bring the kids or just your “Inner Kid”!!


For further details to become a World Laughter Day Sponsor, please contact:

francine shore                                   phone: 917.620.7045                             email:

world laughter day
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