Laughter Yoga Salon NYC with Francine Shore

The Laughter Salon

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laughter yoga NYC

Laughter Yoga Exercise

The Laughter Yoga Salon NYC with Francine Shore is designed for baby boomers and gen Xers. Francine's Laughter Yoga Wellness Workout infuses playful, moovin’ and groovin’ cardio-vascular fitness through a Laughter Lifestyle™. Laughter Yoga is performed standing up  and is based on yogic principles.  Francine’s groups integrate laughter exercises with movement, stretching, deep breathing, a laughter meditation healing circle and a whole lot of play!

At Francine's Laughter Salon we will explore some issues that our generations face: size and body acceptance, health and financial related challenges and losses, addictions, staying positive when the news is not so, milestone celebrations, and how to feel SEXY and possess that JOY de FUNNTABIOSCO, as experienced through yogic laughter and stress reduction. Develop a sense of playfulness, ignite your RAZZLE DAZZLE and find your inner JOY!

Some of Laughter Yoga's health perks include: strengthens the immune system, reduction of stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, burns an average of 300 calories per hour, enhances creativity, productivity, promotes positive thinking, alleviates arthritis, improves breathing, is a natural pain analgesic, laughing people look better (cheaper then botox), and laughter is low-carb!

Francine Shore has been featured in: WNBC's Saturday Today in NY, The Hallmark Channel, Reuters News, NY-1News, Greenstone Media Radio, Ladies Home Journal, The Wall Street Journal, TimeOut New York, The NY Post, The NY Daily News, Newsday, AM NY, Metro News, Chelsea Life, NY City Woman, The Villager, Taiwan TV, and Deep's Cortiva Magazine.

Francine is a certified laughter yoga teacher and laughter coach with training from Dr. Madan Kataria, and has spearheaded World Laughter Day NYC. Francine is also the recipient of the Laughter Ambassador Award presented by Dr. Madan Kataria.

Location: Pearl Studios                                                                                        Time: 6pm sharp to 7pm

500 8th Avenue 4th floor  (off 35th Street)

We meet the 1st (three) Tuesday's of the month.                                     Laughter Currency: $10 dollars

Please RSVP and inquire as schedule is subject to change.

francine shore   telephone: 917.620.7045    email: