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  1. Bullet Dynamic, playful, warm and compassionate Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher,

       Coach and NYC’s very own Laughter Stylist™. Devoted and powerful Counselor

        and Group Facilitator.

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        the market for Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Older Adults: integrating

        Laughter Yoga, Meditation, Humor, Creative Art Therapies, Home and Office

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  1. shapeimage_6_link_0 Co-Founder and Creative Director of NYC’s first Laughter Club, facilitating

        health and wellness through a Laughter Lifestyle.™

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Francine Shore, an admitted class clown hails from the suburbs of New York City  and is a devoted Laughter Coach and Teacher. For the last 10 years, she has developed  creative and compassionate avenues for these populations in expressing and fulfilling themselves by integrating more laughter, play and a little RAZZLE DAZZLE in our lives. Francine utilizes Laughter Coaching and Counseling techniques for life stage transitions: which include Laughter Yoga, Laughter Meditation and Healing Circle, Humor, and/or Recreational and Art Therapies.

Through her work Francine has reinforced the importance of living Joy De Funntabulousity  through a Laughter Lifestyle™ in one’s own personal and professional life. Her one on one Laughter Coaching and Groups (some upwards of hundreds) – are designed to teach us to unleash our own joyful spirit and sense of play – give people permission to laugh in the face of adversity, trust our instincts  and be downright silly.

In recent years, Francine ran a Caregiving Program for Caregivers at The Educational Alliance. It was there  she started the first weekly Laughter Yoga Club for Seniors in the USA and had an opportunity to present Laughter Yoga at the ASA Conference on Aging in Washington D.C, among many other conferences.

Her Laughter story came full circle as this career was set in motion for eight years in the entertainment field. As a Talent Agent, Francine successfully represented many comedians and actors, and as a casting associate, worked on several feature and independent films. She negotiated many scale and over scale commercial and print contracts between actors and corporations. While at Claire Casting, a commercial casting agency, she worked  on the original Ikea campaigns, which won a Clio for most innovative casting. Francine was also a frequent lecturer on “How to Market Yourself for Commercial Auditions”.

Francine Shore has been featured in: WNBC's Saturday Today in NY, The Hallmark Channel, Reuters News, NY-1News, Greenstone Media Radio, Ladies Home Journal, The Wall Street Journal, TimeOut New York, The NY Post, The NY Daily News, Newsday, AM NY, Metro News, Chelsea Life, NY City Woman, The Villager, Taiwan TV, and Deep's Cortiva Magazine.

Francine is a Certified Laughter Teacher and Coach with training from Dr, Madan Kataria, and has spearheaded World Laughter Day NYC for several years. Francine is also the recipient of the Laughter Ambassador Award presented by Dr. Madan Kataria. For information about your next Laughter Yoga Stress Reduction Workshop, Laughter Yoga  Certified Laughter Leader training or one on one Laughter Coaching program, or to spice up your next event or soiree please contact:

francine shore            telephone: 917.620.7045         email: